Thank you Claire, after every session I felt so energised and my headspace completely changed. 

I was a little sceptical that hypnotherapy could have a meaningful and deep impact on my life; particularly as my mind is very restless. However I was willing to take the plunge and was pleasantly surprised in my sessions with Claire Aristides. Not only did I focus on my goals; I also experienced a clarity and calmness towards the "big picture" of my life for the first time in decades. I found the sessions nourishing and renewing.  I recommend Hypnotherapy Happiness unreservedly.

I feel like I have all these incredible super powers now. Thank you Claire for the incredible tools you taught me I love using them everyday. 

I had a wonderful experience with Claire and I am still reaping the rewards! Claire's office is a beautiful, calm setting. Her thoughtful questioning and ability to identify the underlying mindset block is very efficient. I found the hypnotherapy a beautiful experience and her homework solidified the outcome. I highly recommend Claire.

Hi Claire, I just wanted to send a thank you email. I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first  … worried I might say or do something I would regret, but our session was so uplifting. Not at all what I thought, I loved every session.  I promise I am doing my self wellness homework too.! Thank you Claire.    

I can't wait for my sessions with you Claire, I am feeling really empowered in what I can achieve. Thank you thank you !

Such a great experience, thank you Claire.  I am using my tools before business meetings - and it's helping. Thanks again, Cheers 

I had my first session with Claire and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it left me feeling much more relaxed,  and I loved the guided relaxation and visualization techniques Claire uses.

Thank you so much for my session today. It could not have come at a better time. I walked in feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and left feeling energised and like everything was figure-out-able. I know it will be a process that I need to keep working on but I feel so motivated to keep at it!