The mind can have a very powerful influence on the conception journey... negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours can all lead to increased anxiety which can get in the way of your goal of conceiving.  The hardest thing to hear when you are trying to address fertility issues is, ‘you must remain positive, stay calm, and relax'.

You can empower your journey to fertility with specialist clinical hypnotherapy.  The therapeutic use of hypnosis is highly effective in reducing stress levels and releasing trauma and painful emotional blockages.

Hypnotherapy techniques are also extremely effective in identifying and resolving negative beliefs,  which may be interfering with your ability to conceive or to carry a pregnancy full term.   While significant benefits can be achieved in a single hypnotherapy session we have found that the best results are obtained with three to four sessions.    

Hypnotherapy for fertility aims to brings the mind-body connection together.  Thought patterns can have a negative impact on how we cope during the fertility process, our ability to manage stress and the fear of not being able to conceive.   

Hypnotherapy can transform this fear and frustration you may be feeling, and provide you with the tools to achieve the relaxation necessary for a calm, positive and viable pregnancy, and to identify and release subconscious blocks to conception, restore balance, release stress, improve your sense of well-being, and maximize your chances of success.

Hypnosis and IVF

In 2006, a team from Soroka University in Israel followed women who were undergoing IVF. Some of the women were hypnotized during the embryo transfer stage, a stressful process that can be impeded by uterine contractions. The study showed that 28 percent of the hypnotized women got pregnant, as compared to 14 percent of the women who didn't receive hypnotherapy. The researchers attributed the success of hypnotherapy to relaxation, which may have reduced uterine contractions (source - Our Jerusalem).

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