15th Feb 2019

Where it all started for me...

Hypnotherapy came into my life almost 20 years ago...  when my father a very active and fit 66 year man was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. On diagnosis Dad was given no more than 3 months to live ….the situation was so bad that the oncologist advised treatment may be ineffective and that he should just get his affairs in order, see Uluru and spend time with his family.

Thankfully my mother encouraged him to see another oncologist for a second opinion who agreed yes the situation was very dire but he would proceed with treatment. At the same time, a friend from my father's golf club invited him over to his house for a cup of coffee and a chat. It transpired that this friend, Ray was a hypnotherapist (he had worked with the CIA… this could have been a rumour/folklore we will never know and I don't care either way)..  but Ray had a gift and he wanted to help my Dad.

And so they began weekly sessions of hypnosis, whereby Dad was the patient hypnotised by Ray and their goal was to reduce the tumours in my Dad's body. They worked together on this goal, and my Dad firmly believed in his mind the tumours were shrinking. He had a sense of his own mind power and belief. 

A 12 week life expectancy turned into 24 months of life... an extra 2 years for my father.

Having 2 more precious years with my father was an unbelievable gift. He played golf up until the last few months, and was quite healthy most of this time,  he enjoyed a good quality of life.  During this time my father changed his mindset, and I believe his mind did work on stalling the growth and reducing the cancerous tumours in his body.  

Along with hypnotherapy, my Dad followed every appropriate medical treatment he was offered, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he dramatically changed his diet, mentally he changed his attitude to living. He really wanted to live. 

This experience had a profound effect on me... for the first time in my life I saw first hand the power of the mind over the body, and what we believe in our mind can transpire to our bodies.  

After my father's passing, I went onto to have hypnotherapy sessions with Ray myself for grief, stress and identity of self. He taught me many skills and introduced me to a number of incredible books.  Dad's death was incredibly difficult, but one positive was it started my life journey with hypnotherapy, and my understanding of the power of the mind for new possibilities, for change and new ways for your body and mind to work together. 

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* Hypnotherapy is not a replacement to any form of medical treatment including chemo or radiotherapy. All views are from my own personal experiences.