My fertility journey...

19th Mar 2019

My fertility journey...

Unfortunately for me I assumed that getting pregnant would be easy. My first child did take 2 years but we got there in the end naturally and had a healthy baby boy.  After having my son I discovered I had a thyroid problem so I put the delay of falling pregnant with him down to my dodgy thyroid. 

So when we were trying for my second baby and things were not working out AGAIN.. I started to become stressed... very stressed. I was panicked, I became increasingly desperate and angry, and confused... why was this happening to me? Why can't I just fall pregnant like everyone else, and when I do fall pregnant why can't I carry to full term. 

It seemed like everyone else around me was falling pregnant. The world seemed to be really closing in on me and I felt very alone during that time. The clock was ticking, I was getting older... We finally decided we had to do IVF (why I was stubborn to not start IVF sooner I don't know...).  Four rounds in of IVF and things were looking very dark for us, as after each round the quality of my eggs was an issue.  I had dodgy eggs and I was a wreck.

In desperation, I turned to my good friend hypnosis which I should of done much sooner but at the time my judgement was so clouded by despair I couldn't think clearly -  I feared that this was admitting defeat as a woman somehow … (I know truly believe IVF and any supportive treatments are not a defeat of you as a woman or mother, they are an empowerment to bring the best for you. ) 

I had a recommendation to see a hypnotherapist and we began the journey together. The first thing we tackled was my stress. As a stressed out body is not a fertile ground for an egg to grow and be nurtured.  We focused on growth and life and light at a deeply unconscious level.   Sometimes the sessions seemed so subtle, but I always left feeling light and calm and I left with hope... Hope that things were moving in the right direction for us. 

What I didn't understand was that all the changes were happening at the unconscious level of my mind. And that my mind was busy working on preparing my body and creating the fertile egg I needed.  My hypnotherapist was my fertility coach and we worked on every stage of the journey, firstly calming me, de-stressing me, then preparing my body, finding that healthy egg we needed, through to preparing for the implantation stage, so that when this healthy embryo was implanted she would stay put and be nice and cosy and comfy for 9 months. !

I was incredibly dedicated and committed to my dream goal and I trained my mind to believe it could happen with all my heart and soul, despite the very negative stats re age etc. This faith for me was because I began to truly imagine my little baby. We worked on daily visualisations, where I saw myself holding that little, tiny bundle.  I also decided to write a daily dream goal statement which was -  “I will give birth to a little baby girl, in early 2017”.  (My daughter was born early Feb 2017 - which still gives me goose bumps when I say that.)

I don't want this blog post to seem like a miracle cure in any way...  I want to share my story of my fertility journey and the faith I had in hypnotherapy to help me conceive.   Hypnosis is not substitute to IVF, it should be viewed as something to do in conjunction with medical therapies or other suitable alternative therapies.   As well as IVF, I did acupuncture, I improved my diet, I took pre-pregnancy vitamins... I embraced a mindset of creation and life and growth. 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapy that can prepare your mind for new possibilities, for change and new ways for your body and mind to behave.