Does Elvis hold the secret to our success...

3rd Jun 2019

Does Elvis hold the secret to our success...

It is rumoured that Elvis Presley had his dressing rooms positioned exactly 1000 steps from the stage where ever he performed … because in those 1000 steps the everyday Elvis transformed himself into the King of rock n roll.

The process of walking from his change room to the stage, with each and every step he took, he transformed his mindset from everyday Elvis Presley into the incredible performer that millions of fans all over the world adored.

It’s an interesting thought for everyday folk like you and me… can we change our mindset and transform ourselves. It's also insightful to remember Elvis didn't wake up the performer, he had a process, a method to get himself into character, into the zone to perform, to dazzle and to entertain like only the king of rock n roll did.

Day to day is there lessons to be learnt for you and me…. to mentally prepare ourselves for our own life goals, life challenges and accept it takes work to create whatever outcome or mindset you want to achieve…. 

Is life just a performance …? And it's now or never to start creating your dream mindset.

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