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ASMR... de-stressing is just a whisper away...

Image Cardi B Source W MagazineHave you ever got that tingly feeling all over your body when someone whispers in your ear or maybe a sensation run down spine when the person next to you crunches on corn chips... if this is you then you may have alre
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The power of pen to paper...

It's something I now do every single day, without fail. Even if I scribble quickly in my notepad while preparing the kids breakfast.... I do it without fail, I am talking about penning my daily goals (which are the small steps that form the bigger
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Does Elvis hold the secret to our success...

It is rumoured that Elvis Presley had his dressing rooms positioned exactly 1000 steps from the stage where ever he performed … because in those 1000 steps the everyday Elvis transformed himself into the King of rock n roll. The process of walking f
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Your Unconscious Mind ...

Have you ever had a gut instinct about something, a hunch or an intuition that something's going to happen ... well that's your unconscious mind talking to you.. It's a profound concept - that deep within each of us is a powerful force, and even m
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Hypnotherapy ... what is it exactly...

I've shared two stories from my past of where hypnotherapy has had a profound affect on my life... but what exactly is hypnotherapy. What happens in a session? After seeing impact on my Dad's life and health I have understand the power of hypnos
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