21 Day Mindset Reboot Online Workshop

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Designed to run over 21 days (the minimum time we see a new habit forming), this is a highly practical and experiential program, bringing together the power of visualisation used by professional athletes, self hypnosis and guided coaching.   A daily step by step program to create change in thought patterns and mindset at an unconscious level.

What's included -
21 day daily guided visualisation videos and audios created by Claire Aristides.
A Mindset Profile Assessment and Action Plan
Create a goal affirmation for your goals
21 Day Journal of Change to track your progress
Learn self hypnosis and how you can incorporate it in your daily life. 
Learn how visualisation & mental imagery with self hypnosis can change your thoughts and behaviours.
Access to tools and techniques for boosting your confidence in your life. 
12 month access to online workshop materials
Email support and weekly progress updates
This program is for you if -
Do you feel like something is holding you back and you are not sure why?
Do you want to kickstart the new year with a new mindset and create a more positive and confident attitude for yourself.
Are you ready to commit to yourself and empower yourself for change.
Are you tired of always getting the same in life and really want to push through in your life goals, and you need the motivation and know how.
Workshop starts Monday 13th January,2020
What people say about working with Claire -
'Absolutely loved the workshop and really looking forward to going deeper. So much self-limiting stuff to shift and I your course is just what I need.  Thank you!'

"Claire delivered the most amazing workshop.  I really feel empowered for my future goals and more!"
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